How to Sustain Your Smart Home

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Turning your ordinary house into a smart home has become fairly easy now with the introduction of Smart Home devices. You don’t need to undergo any major renovations to have a giant LCD come out from the poolside to be able to call your home smart – though that might be cool but whatever.

The thing about Smart Home devices is that they are controlled wirelessly through our smartphones or tablets, and some even with voice command. That’s the beauty of this technology – the majority of them are small compact devices that make things so much easier for us to do.

Smart Cameras,for instance, make it easier for you to keep an eye on your home and what goes on within, straight from your phone. So wherever you are, you can access the live video feed from your phone or laptop or tablet even – and with two-way audio! That means you can communicate with whoever is at the other end of the camera. Pretty cool right?

But to sustain a Smart Home requires a bit of an investment and a few things to keep in mind. Here are two main things that you must always remember for how to maintain your Smart Home lifestyle.

Get Compatible Devices

This isn’t much of an issue because a lot of Smart Home devices are compatible with one another, there may be only a handful that aren’t.

Having a voice assistant helps immensely because those smart speakers can pretty much sync with any other smart home device in your home – from the smart lights to the smart TV, even smart sprinklers or the smart thermostat. A simple voice command can get the task done. Or get a Google Nest Point to add to your Google Nest Router and increase the area coverage to expand the Wi-Fi range on your property – which is approximately 3800 square feet, with the bonus addition of the built-in Google Assistant.

Strong and Reliable Internet Service

Having to maintain a smart home requires having a steady, reliable internet service. These devices won’t work to their full potential if your internet connection has issues.

Smart home devices work by connecting to the Wi-Fi and can then be controlled through mobile applications that can be accessed on smartphones, laptops and tablets. But the underlying factor here is having Wi-Fi to connect them to for them to work. You cannot program your Smart Coffeemaker if your internet connectivity is weak in the kitchen – the device won’t read its command from the app, or not in time for your coffee to be ready on your way out.

There are plenty of great Internet Service Providers across the country with the fastest speeds and the best plans. Some even when bundled with other services provide a lot for a great price. If you were to subscribe to a WOW! bundle, you not only have an internet subscription but a WOW! cable TV service in the mix too. Now isn’t that great? Two for one great service by almost every service provider.

There is a lot more that goes into maintaining a Smart Home if you’ve opted to transition yours into one, but these are the two very basics that must be looked at when starting off. Remember, it is always a plus to get devices that are compatible because it really just makes life more convenient, and it’s pointless to have a smart home if your internet service isn’t a reliable one.

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