theFIX - Online photography magazine dedicated to analogue photography. Established in 2014 in order to inspire, share knowledge and promote traditional film photography. 

The magazine has been established by a Dublin [Ireland] based photographer in order to unite all film lovers from around the world. For more information about the people behind magazine, you can visit our website:

We are ready to talk to you about various special campaign options and promotions that may offer your customers and our readers a unique opportunity to promote your products or using your service.

If you are interested in advertising please let us know and we will discuss everything in detail. If you are representing a photography shop or an online magazine or perhaps you have a gallery and you wish to invite people to photography related events, we want to hear from you. Photography courses, clubs, or everything else related to photography, we have a space for you. You can contact us on

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If you decide to advertise with us for at least four issues,  we will be more then happy to offer significant discounts. 

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All ads are subject to approval. All ads must be submitted at least two weeks before the issue is closed. Location of your ad will be agreed before the issue is closed. Once the location is confirmed and locked it will remain the same. All advertisers have to provide their own graphics/ads. All ads have to follow the technical guidelines below:


- high resolution images (92 DPI)

- JPG format only, sRGB

- Text in .doc format only.