theFIX magazine has been created not only for all photographers who enjoy using film. This magazine is for everyone interested in photography. theFIX is here to inspire, help and promote analogue photographyWe have photography news from the analogue world and more. Information about upcoming exhibitions and events.

We would like to promote all analogue photographers. No matter what camera or film you use, we would like to show your work to a wide international audience. The plan is to show, in each issue, a number of selected images from several photographers. Also, there will be a section called “One photographer – One photo” where you will have a chance to show and describe your favorite photo.

We will be doing camera and film reviews, all based on our experience. We are not aiming to make it too technical either. We would like to make sure that everyone can enjoy it and not get bored with a long and boring technical reports. We aim to help and inspire.

Also, a little bit of history, introducing some old, well known photographers, and those less known but equally inspiring. Albums and book reviews. All this, and much more you can find in our magazine. Hope you will enjoy it!



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Tomasz Olejnik

Tomasz was born in 1980. At the age of 18 he got his first camera. It was a simple Minolta SLR. First steps were not easy. Before getting his own Minolta, he was using a very old and very manual Zenit - E that belonged to his father. This old manual camera and a large number of wasted rolls of film helped him to understand what he really wants to do in life. Then came the digital era. With fantastic opportunities and faster then ever results. 

Switching to digital was great, but at the beginning difficult and he find it hard to adjust. But eventually moved to digital like everybody else. However, or rare occasions, he was still using film. In time, digital was almost completely replaced by film... again. The full circle has been completed. Well, not entirely. 

Tomasz is using various films these days. Sometimes 35mm sometimes 120mm. Tomasz got a diploma in Television Production in 2001 and has a Bachelor's degree in business and economy completed in 2004 (at The University of Silesia). One day, Tomasz decided that it is time to create something that can unite all the film lovers from around the world... and create a new magazine for analogue enthusiasts. 

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